On Thursday 4th December 2014 at 5th View in Piccadilly Circus it was the Entrepreneur Circles London and the South awards night for best businesses and entrepreneurs for 2014! The incredible business owners filled the room. They were everything from interior designers to google ads specialists to new TV channel owners to structural engineers, social media experts and lots more!

It was an brilliant evening with lots of very deserving winners. Here’s a list of all the winners.

I was honoured to win the main award for
‘Entrepreneur of the year 2014 for London and the South’!



Here’s the introduction that Damian Mark Smyth gave me –
‘OK, so the very last award of the evening is the Entrepreneur’s Circle – London & South Entrepreneur of the Year 2014…
Which goes to an entrepreneur who has achieved great results this year and can, I’m sure you will agree, inspire us all. The winner of this award was judged on all aspects of their business and I think it’s safe to say they’ve had a spectacular year, including…
* A role in the BBC4 Radio Play ‘The Martian Chronicles’ – alongside Derek Jacobi
* Taking her new business The VoiceOver Network to heady heights.
* Coaching people how to be a successful voiceover artist.
* Guest blogging for The Voiceover Herald and Voiceover Xtra
* Interview Features in Stylist Magazine, Absolutely Chiswick and Richmond, and SCG Women in Business, * Podcast interviews with Music Radio Creative, The Brand Gladiator and Sounding Wild plus a mention in The Guardian.
* Co-author of the amazon bestselling book – ‘Shine, it’s like glitter for your soul’.
* Contributing author to the amazon bestselling book – ‘Believe’.
* The regular voice for The Travel Channel.
* Can currently be heard voicing the ‘Sure’ and ‘Persil’ commercials on Channel 5.
* The voice of Olay.
* New clients including CNN and Nestle.
* AND the icing on the cake according to my 7 year old… The voice of 3 One Direction films…!!
Give it up everyone for the London and South Entrepreneur of the Year 2014, Ms Rachael Naylor…’

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me in the last year. A special thanks go to the incredibley inspiring Nigel Botterill and Damian Mark Smyth from The Entrepreneurs Circle. And also to my wonderful husband Mark Parker, who is my rock, best friend and he’s incredibly supportive.

So what can I say …… The change for me last year was I just got on with it and stopped waiting! I started getting up at 5am every morning to get an extra 90 minutes work in everyday, I seized opportunities and didn’t ask for permission. I took big risks and got very far away from my comfort zone. I challenged myself and set massive goals. I read inspiring books, went to networking events, surrounded myself with positive, inspiring and encouraging people and stopped worrying about what everyone thought about me. The results speak for themselves.

In 2015 life has continued on this incredible journey and my company The VoiceOver Network has re-launch, I’m pleased to say it’s going amazingly well! Plus voiceover work continues to keep me very busy as well as my acting career and being a mother to my beautiful 3 year old little girl.